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Published: May 17, 2013
Description: Beyonce is pregnant again! Help her name her next child with a color and plant mix of your very own.

Beyonce is pregnant again! Or is she? Regardless, beat Queen B at her own name game and dub the next baby with a name of your own. Choose your favorite from each column, or close your eyes and let Destiny name the child for you (shoutout to Michelle Williams, I remember you.)



Teal Bougainvillea Aquarmarine Sage Cerulean Grass Azure Milkweed Baby Blue Wallflower Cobalt Jasmine Indigo Willow Cyan Orchid Navy Blue Bonsai Electric Blue Pansy Sapphire Moss Turquoise Wisteria Oxford Vine Iris Fern Robin's Egg Fichus Powder Blue Poison Ivy Denim Hyrdangea Iris Cactus Aqua Honeysuckle