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June 07, 2008


If you like zombie movies, this is one of the best I've ever seen-- a close 2nd to the remake of "Dawn of the Dead' with Sarah Polley.

Warning-- there is a new 'Day of the Dead' with Mena Survari (thanks Nioelle- maybe if she got a real funcking name with less vowels and more T's I'd remember her better-- although the tub scene in AB with her in roses and Kevin Spacey high almost sends me to the men's room for a 'tme out') that's dreadful-- do NOT make the mistake of getting that one. I couldn't believe a good looking chick that got us aroused in 'American Beauty' would sell herself for that paycheck. Disappointing).

Like Dawn 2, Diary is non-stop action from the opening credits-- and it's very funny (in a meant to be kind of way).

My 18 and 17 yr old boys loved it too-- no younger than that-- chock full of R Rated stuff.

I'm very surprised this went direct to DVD. Someone made a big mistake as it would have easily done $50m in theaters domestically.

Grab the popcorn and your best friend/lovers arm-- and enjoy!!