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November 06, 2008


 oddly enough i do feel better. but I'm still a little pissed off at the people that wear their cell phones on their belts. your pocket is only an inch away. fer cryin out loud.  is it to impress people? am I supposed to stop dead and grab the wife and kids and fawn over the fact that your credit was good enough to get a go-phone? are you pretending to be a super hero and thats part of your batman utility belt? bet you not only were the first one on your block to get a calculater watch, you probably still own it. put it on your pocket nobody cares. that being said you  belt people are still one huge step ahead on the evolutionary scale from the blue tooth idiots. if your in the car. go for it. its safer and the right thing to do. but if your walking around with one on your ear you look like a complete moron. I personally believe that half the idiots walking around with them not only aren't talking to anybody. i think they are probably just mumblers that the family got one for so they don't stick out.so heres the deal folks. if i aint important enough for you to lift your hand up to your ear, then don't bother talking to me. go play space ranger with your other trendy nerd friends and delete me from your phone, your life and your universe.