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January 12, 2009


On my way home from my vets. office I happened to notice a rather confused and troubled looking elderly man standing outside a satellite business. It was getting darker and colder so I decided to pull over to see if perhaps I could help him. "Sir, can I help you?" He answers that he thought that this address was for the "Dish Network." I said that he was right. He went on to tell me that they didn"t have any dishes available that he could hook up with. "Do you by chance mean ladies," I asked. He said of course and I told him that these dishes were not human but actually what they call those ugly round things in peoples yards so that they can pick up more tv stations. He said "I don't think full figured outdoorsy type gals are ugly," so I said well I think the kind of dishes you are looking for may be down the road at the retirement community, of course many of them might be cracked.