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September 22, 2008


Everytime I turn on the news they're talking about another federal bailout or another bankruptcy.Both McCain and Obama are saying a lot of nothing.I saw some kind of fashion show like news about Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama.A friend sent me an e-mail about Palin for president,Michael Palin from Monty Python that is.I'm almost ready to vote for the ghost of G.G.Allin for President.I'm just waiting for Iran,Pakistan or North Korea to blow up in our face.Maybe,we'll get lucky and the big rock which should be coming to hit earth on 2036 will hit in the next 6 months.Or,those crazy scientists work on the Big bang Theory in Switzerland might cause the black hole wide enough to suck the entire universe in the toilet in the few weeks.Then,we got nothing to worry about cause there will be absolutely nothing at all.