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November 11, 2009


LOL! So I just logged into my account to find I had 2 new comments...both from Jaymitchell. One was a appology from jay explaining that he would never log into his account again and the second was a message saying "That's great. You get him sweetheart.-Tnert" I guess he didnt realise that he had not logged out of Jaymitchell when he left me this comment which Im assuming he thought was from his account.  Today I will use my die, which I do not usually use because I think It is for pointless and for people who wanna hold back comments that are more popular then theirs.  I think that anyone who feels good about a win where they just died a bunch of people to get their comment to the top needs to find a new hobby!

Tnert you are a cheater and a total dick! So hahahaha I cought you and I guess you'll have to open a new account ....AGAIN....because I have a feeling you are gonna be the new King of Dies!