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May 13, 2017

Song parody from 11/16

Come and listen to my story of a man named trump
A corrupt little con man who knew voters were all chumps
Then one day he decided to take charge
He ratchet upped the racism and legitimized Breitbart.

Fake news that is
Outright lies
Base instincts

Well the first thing you know he’s whoopin’ Lyin’ ted
The party faithful said, lay off on brother Jeb
Don said energy is the thing you gotta push
So he doubled down on insults and emasculated bush

Hats, that is, rallies, America great

Don went to Mar A Lago and billed it to the chase
Said he was self-funding while feathering the nest
Then he said his daughter was someone he’d like to date
And the moronic supporters had a faith that wouldn’t shake

Idiots, big bigots, assholes

Now all out of nowhere he becomes the nominee
Holds the joke of a convention that no one can stand to see
And though he pays prostitutes to kindly take a pee
The only ones he’s pissing on is really you and me

Putin’s punk, kept man

The white folks said Don build the border wall
Grab women by the pussy they won’t say a thing at all
When you’re a celebrity you do just what you like
You can always claim you didn’t know there was a mike.

Didn’t happen, didn’t see it.

Now that it’s all over, he’s the president elect
But more than half the nation recognizes the defect
The electoral college was designed to soothe the south
So the racist stupid bigots think we all bend over now

Sorry, not happening,

Not my president

You all go vote now, you hear.