With Jon Stewart’s reign as Daily Show king ending in just over a month, correspondents have been rolling out the compilation tapes to honor the host. So far, we’ve seen a supercut of Stewart making wordless noises and one of him admitting to various guests that he didn’t watch their movies. This compilation from yesterday, though, might just be the sickest* yet.

Based on the compilations thus far, who’s to say what supercut will be next? Maybe a compilation of all the times Jon Stewart’s worn a blue shirt, or one where it’s just Jon Stewart blinking, or a collection of every “the” that Jon Stewart’s uttered on The Daily Show—all great ideas that, with the name Jon Stewart attached, would almost surely go viral**

*we mean sick as in “cool” but also because Stewart is ill in all the clips—two meanings!
**a word often used to describe popular web content, but also used when talking about sick people, which this clip is about—again, two meanings!

Watch below: