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November 22, 2015

A look at the real story behind a so called "protest against Islam" that happened in Australia in November, 2015.


Today in Melton, a suburb located within Melbourne, Victoria in Australia, an anti-Islamic protest erupted on the streets with opposing sides coming together in clashes both heated and violent………or so the media would lead you to believe. DUN DUN DUH!!!!!!!

Was it really a clash as THE MAN says or was it actually a coming together of two opposing groups who realized that they’re not so different after all and found the most common of common grounds? Let’s take a look at the evidence, shall we?

Below is a picture that THOSE WHO WOULD RULE US ALL would lead you to believe is an Australian Police Officer pepper spraying two men brawling in a heated exchange of racism vs acceptance. Allow me to pull the blindfold back.


C'mon buddy, those things will give you Cancer. Have a Jack Daniels and Coke instead.

What I see are concerned citizens doing whatever is in their strength to stop one of their fellow man from igniting the heinous disease of Cancer within his body by extinguishing the foul cigarette gripped between his lips. There’s no hate here, only love.

Within the next picture THE CONTROLLING ONES would do us all harm by making us view this picture as two men about to punch the fuck on! Take heed dear reader, take heed for this I tell you is not what is happening at all!


I’m gonna hug you so hard! No man, I’m gonna hug YOU so hard!

It is laughable to think that this is anything else other than two men preparing for some pretty darn heavy man on man affection. The respect these two have found for each other is obvious, they cannot believe the kinship they’ve discovered this day and moments later, let me tell you, this hug was heard for miles around. Look at the kid on the BMX, he can’t wait for it to happen.

In this next example, THE DARK SERVANTS OF THE MEDIA GODS would attempt to convince us all that this horse was struggling and terrified as an angry mob descends upon them.



This horse had obviously reached a high stage of transcendence when it spontaneously orgasmed from the love and kindness emanating from the crowd around it. These people were merely rushing in to view the wondrous moment. Have you ever seen a horse achieve orgasm? You haven’t lived my friend. You…have…not…lived.

Another example that the SOULLESS DARKLINGS WHO WOULD SEE US ALL WRITHE IN OUR OWN FILTH have put out is the picture below. They would try to twist our minds into thinking that this is a picture of a young man so filled with hate, rage and intolerance that he’s literally about to burst! Not so say I, not so!


Racism doesn’t get you ripped as fuck….love does. It’s love.

Just like the horse, this man reached such a level of love, appreciation and oneness for his fellow man that he could not contain himself anymore.

And this was the result….


Bukkake level - Expert.

So my worldwide friends, don’t give in to the HELLISH RULERS OF THE NEWS DEITIES for they will darken your mind and skull fuck the independent thoughts from your brain. Sure, this protest started out between groups of people who have completely opposing views on the acceptance of Islam and Muslims in Australia and there might have been a bit of back and forth, to and fro but it all ended well with one giant hug fest because they realized they didn’t want to be anti-Islam after all because being anti….is lame. Geddit?

No? That jokes lame? This articles lame? Wait a minute. You’re one of them aren’t you? You’re a slave to the media. Holy shit! They’re in my house! I can hear them coming! Fuck me, they’re right outside my door! You won’t take me alive you motherfuckers! You won’t take me alive! I’ll tell the truth no matter what! You hear me?! No matter-

Kindly disregard this article.