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September 17, 2010

Actual Breakup Story from our website!!!! www.breakupornaments.com

In 1994 I was married to a very jealous woman, we had been married for about a year and one day while I was at work I ran into a woman that I knew from about 20 years prior. She had been the girlfriend of one of my roomates. Well, after about 10 minutes of conversation this person told me she needed some glass work and no one would do it for her, I happened to have a friend in the glass business that was on his way to see me, I told her I would ask him about her glass work and  I gave her our phone number and told her to call me later. At no time in our conversation did either one of us talk about our relationship status, just work related issues.
This is where it gets interesting... this girl was always kind of flaky, she goes out partying and calls the house at about 2:30 am, my jealous wife answered the phone and tossed it at me and said it's for you. She immediately jumps up and picks up the other phone. The first words out of this girls mouth was "You did'nt tell me you were married".
  This is where it gets REALLY interesting... I heard the other line click as the reciever was slammed down and while I was telling this drunk chick that I was married, I turned around and here is my wife standing in full set position with a loaded .357.
  If I had woke up that day with my hair sewn to the carpeting I would'nt have been more surprised than I was when that gun went off, fortunately, my wife (we'll call her Sybill) was a lousy shot and just took a chunk out of my arm. Needless to say that was the end of that nightmare!
Chuck Bowman
P.S. please date my free ornament 1994 - because I know nobody is going to top this story!