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June 27, 2011

An enlightening radio interview featuring the mastermind musical geniuses of Band

New this week in radio music comes the smash hit single entitled "Song" written by one of this summer’s hottest new breakout bands. They go by the name "Band" and their debut album is flying off the shelves at major retailers, propelled by not only the smash hit lead single,"‘Song," but also such fan favorites as "Another Song" and "That Same Song but with Maracas." The album, which is dubbed "Album," has been hailed by critics as one of the most avant garde musical productions of the decade. We here at FM Radio Station put our female reporter on the trail of these bad boys from the band for an exclusive interview:


Female Reporter: "Hello everyone, I'm the prominent female radio voice at FM Radio Station and here with me on today's exclusive interview is this new band 'Band' talking about their debut album, 'Album' featuring the hit song 'Song.' Am I reading this correctly? We've had listeners calling in all day asking about the song and one listener even remarked, 'yeah you should play that song again. it's like a pretty dece jam.' So with all that hype in mind it's time to delve right into the heat of this music madness! Tell me, Band, what was the inspiration behind this breathtakingly original album?"

Lead Singer: “Well, first off, we all just wanted to say thank you for having us on your radio show interview today.”


Lead Guitarist: “ditto, babycakes.”


Lead Singer: “Let’s get back to your question, though. We wanted to convey how creative and ground-breaking our compositional abilities were so we put some maracas in there. You know, like, it's deep. Who the fuck even uses maracas these days? Think about it...it's pretty fuckin' avant-garde.”

Rick Allen:  "Yeah, i mean, i only have one arm so it gets hard to masturbate sometimes cause you have to type with the same hand that you jack off with and that can get pretty messy, but i still do it because i'm not a fuckin quitter."


Female Reporter: "Wow, that's so inspiring! Is this the same determined mindset that’s responsible for what critics consider the most visionary album cover of the year?”


Lead Singer: “I'm glad you brought that up. The album cover was an opportunity for us to really explore like the deep fiber of our artistic essence and really just anthropomorphisize that essential fiber of our being in terms of...like...artistry. It took a lot of creative inspiration, you know, and we spent such a long time in the studio just working on the design for the artwork and ironically deepthroating bananas. And eventually, you know, after breeding all that creative afflatus, we decided that we would just have a white background with the word ‘Album’ in the center in black 12 point Times New Roman font with the word ‘Band’ underneath it. After all, the opposite of convention and the spark of spontaneity is the key to success, as the late Michelangelo once said. "



Female Reporter: “Wow. Thanks for coming to the show today! This has been such an enlightening interview."