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Published: December 04, 2012
Description: Which one is better?



Pear Harbor day is coming up soon. It doesn't get as much hype as 9-11 does every year. You don't see CNN showing the newscast from that day all day on 12-07 do you? But still people ask which event was worst (or better) Lets break it down:
Better date:
Pearl Harbor falls on 12-07 which is right in the middle of Christmas season which does not bode well for it. Meanwhile the name 9-11 (which is a pretty lazy name) will stand the test of time. 9-11 just has a nice ring to it. It is always near the start of the start of the football season so it gets the NFL sucking it off every year. If you ask 10 people what date did Pearl Harbor happen on 9 of them would say "isn't that like on October 31st or something?"
 WINNER: 9-11 (In a landslide victory)

Best use of planes:
This is a hard one. The easy choice would be 9-11. They hijacked 3 different planes in 3 different cities. I mean bravo gentlemen. However unlike Pearl Harbor they all didn't reach their goal. So just by simple percentages you have to give the nod to Pearl Harbor. Not to mention 9-11 had only 3 people that were dumb enough to think that killing themselves is a good idea while Pearl Harbor had over 353! (I wonder why they lost the war)
WINNER: Pearl Harbor
Better movies:
When I thought of this question I was thinking it was a great one. But not really at all. I can't think of one good 9-11 movie (I am not counting documentaries so I am not knocking Mr.Moore here). However when looking up Pearl Harbor movies besides that Cuba Gooding J.R classic there is nothing!! And I was even counting the hit movie Battleship. So even with shit like United 93,World Trade Center,Reign Over Me and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close 9-11 wins
Winner: 9-11
Better location:
Kind of a unfair question. 9-11 had 3 locations to Pearl Harbor 1 so.........you got New York City, D.C and Pittsburgh. That last city is why I have to give this one to Pearl Harbor. Even for a place to crash a plane into Pittsburgh is a bad choice. I think I talk for everyone when I say I just wish that 3rd plane went to Chicago or St.Louis or wherever so just that the shit crap ass town of Pittsburgh didn't get any shine and Pearl Harbor was in Hawaii.
Winner: Pearl Harbor  
Better enemy:
Now if the Nazis attacked Pearl Harbor then it would be a easy win. But it was just the Japanese. I mean in someways it was kind of a cute way to get our attention. People still hate Nazis still today but they feel more bad for the Japanese cause of that whole dropping the nuke on them thing. The 9-11 attacks were set up by one of the biggest assholes ever Mr. Bin Laden. Who is second only to Hitler for the all-time heel. I think it helps to that it took us 10 years to get him and the people that did Pearl Harbor killed themselves and then we took out a whole city for fun.
Winner: 9-11
Better result:
Pearl Harbor got us into a fight that we didn't want to get into. 9-11 got us into a fight that we didn't know we were already in. But as better results go I have to say Pearl Harbor got this hands down. Not only did we end it got a clear cut win. We did it by putting on a great fireworks show.
Winner: Pearl Harbor
Better jokes:
As bad as 9-11 was it did give us the gift of laughter. So many great jokes. Q: Why do tourists flock to New York?A: It’s a blast. The New Name for New York City: “Manflatten”,etc. All of the Pearl Harbor jokes I found were: Bartender asks the WWII Veteran of the attack on Pearl Harbor sitting at his bar “What’ll ya have?” To which the Vet says, “Call me crazy. I’ll have a Kamikaze." and that is it......................
Better slogan:
9-11 slogan is "never forget" which is a short simple way much like the name of the attacks to help people the day and the slogan of 9-11. Very clever. With out that slogan I am sure nobody would remember 2 giant planes hitting 2 buildings in the world's most popular city. Pearl Harbor slogan "remember Pearl Harbor" sounds more like a question. "Hey do you remember Pearl Harbor?" "Yea that is the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie right?"
Winner: 9-11
The Winner and still champion: 9-11
 Sorry all other Wars and attacks the only way 9-11 is going down is if we have a all out nuke war with the Middle East or something............I am looking at you 12-21


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