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February 12, 2009


Ok, get your advice helmets on guys

Someone friended me on Facebook, someone I used to go to school with. Now, recently I have had quite a few people from my past friend me, and I've reluctantly friended back. Most people at school rarley wanted anything to do with me anyway. Still, we grew older and more apart so, you know, I guess that's ok.

This person who has friended me now, used to make my life a fucking misery. For the final 3 years of school she tormented me, abused me, made me not want to go to school which resulted in academic faliure and was generally a nasty little bitch.

I saw her again just after we left school and she just sort of said "No hard feelings?" to which I didn't really reply. I just remember she bummed me a ciggy and I left it at that. Then I saw her a couple years ago as she was working in the County Court Service offices upstairs from me at the police station, where I was working in Logistics. I had a brief chat with her then, but I always saw the horrid little cow bag who nearly destroyed my life.

I lost my self confidence after what she put me through.

Of course, I am different now than when I was a mere slip of a girl. I'm 33 years of age, I returned to college and got an education, I can stand in front of hundreds of people and talk (or act if I'm doing a play) and I'm about to embark on what could be the best carreer move of my entire life.

So, do I ignore the friend request of the bitch who almost wrecked my life (and who's torments I still think back on, and the damage it did on my soul when I'm suffering horrible insomnia)? Or do I friend her and rub her sodding nose in it?

Any advice would be awesome.