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June 26, 2018

The Space Force is underway and President Trump has bigly plans to fight all of those who resist.

Washington – President Trump is doubling down on his plans to create the Space Force division of the military by announcing his plans for a new “Moon Shaped Base”.

“Many losers will tell you to resist my plans for the Space Force. But they’re sad, very sad people. We will fight the resistance, and we will win. Bigly.” Trump stated.

Many White House officials thought the original plans were simply a picture of a moon, but were later informed that it was in fact a space station.

“It seemed too big to be a space station”, said one Senator. “Overall, we have a very bad feeling about this”.

Plans for construction on the base are set to begin next month just above the Earth’s atmosphere, where citizens of the world will see the space station from anywhere, day or night.

“We have been getting taken advantage of for too long”, Trump said. “So many bad deals. It’s time we start winning again. We will be a strong galactic Empire and destroy the haters and losers who rebel against us”.

Many critics of the base are concerned about the massive laser designed to fire from the space station. Accordingto many engineers, the laser would have the capability to destroy an entire planet.

While the base appears to be impenetrable, rogue employees of the White House have allegedly leaked plans to those Trump continually refers to as, “the resistance”.

An unknown member of the resistancestated in a press release, “Seeing the plans for the base has given us a new hope. Trump’s galactic empire may try and strike back, but our forces will return stronger and better each time.”

The future of the Space Force is unknown for now, but the battle for supremacy has just begun between the resistance and Trump’s Empire.