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September 03, 2011

My actual account of the Ying Yang Twins concert at the Iowa State Fair....Sounds like a match made in heaven right?

When people hear the words “artists, musicians, innovators or culture”, great and historical people may come to mind……Beethoven, Picaso, Shakespeare or Miley Cyrus. NOT ME! Nope, for me….The Ying Yang Twins is the first and only group that comes to my mind. The twins are lyrical geniuses that deserve an unparomounted amount of gratitude and respect for their enthralling and arguably un-rivaled amount of musical talent. 

For those who may not know the Ying Yang twins…. they are best described as an urban hip hop group based out of Atlanta, that thrive on letting their voices be heard through the whimsical sounds of the street life. The group consists of two of the most loyal and proud members of the gangster lifestyle…..Kaine (born Eric Jackson) and D-Roc (born De-Angelo Holmes). Simply speaking their names is a blessing in and of itself. Just to be in their presence not only made me a better person but also a better American.

 Now, when people hear of the Ying Yang Twins, there is only one place that could do them justice when witnessing them in the flesh…The Anderson Erickson stage at the Iowa State Fair. I had mentioned that I would come back, and I did….the smells and aromas brought me back to the place of dreams. How could anyone ever pass up on the opportunity to spend $5 admission to simply be in the presence of greatness? 

The show was scheduled for a 8 pm start so naturally myself and a fellow co-worker arrived at 7:59 pm. We worked our way to the middle of the crowd, which literally took approximately 12 seconds. Nothing would have made me happier than if they had chose not to perform and a riot would enthrall causing mass hysteria and mayhem, while I just sat back and watched it unfold. That exact happiness was almost realized when within 2 minutes of getting into our spots we witnessed a scuffle between three gentleman and than four women over a folding chair. I knew at this exact moment, that I was BETTER than most people in the theater. The main thing that stood out to me the most was the amount of loving families that came to witness the artistic movement that was about to be displayed. It is an awesome and awe-inspiring moment to bear witness to families sharing time together at The Ying Yang concert… I was also internally jealous that my family and I never shared such moments together. They had to have bonded….how could a family not. 

Finally, around 8:08 pm , the dj arrived from the side entrance of the stage wearing a shirt that read “KUSH”. Holy Balls….that guy obviously has his shit together! It was time…..the twins came on stage and rendered what can only be described as REVOLUTIONARY. Wearing black and purple they swaggered on stage blaring their wonderful beats. One of the few things I can honestly say is that D-Roc could not stop smiling and he had quite a beautiful smile (google his smile with the grill) 

Throughout the concert…I found myself asking repeatedly “Oh shit, I did not know they sang that!” than I realized “They didn’t…they were only featured on it.” You see, the Twins are to much of a musical powerhouse to have more than about five songs of their own because they would pretty much become a monopoly of music. The other disappointment was the lack of curse words. The Ying Yang twins bring it hard…. I felt truly pissed that the entire 52 minutes of the show was edited… They were obviously forced by The Man to “clean” the show up in order to attract people of all ages including infants and senior citizens (and there were plenty of those). Because of the atmosphere and the obvious cannabis that was smoked by the twins before the show…I found that they had trouble remembering the lyrics to their own songs. About sixty percent of their songs were not rapped but rather the track would play and they would shout the last word of the line, much like people do when they want others to think they know every word to a song. For Example: (actual lyrics to the ever so popular “Boom..Its On”)…be careful, it will simply give you shivers of amazement. 

 ‘Cause I ain’t funna’ get ya ass tryin’ to RUN 
 I’ma bust one time, bust two times 
 And the third time yo’ ass is MINE 
Go down for the count, “He can’t get up!” 
DAMN! he fell and he can’t get UP! 

For some reason during the middle of the performance Black Betty began to play. My first though was “Oh, they must have performed a duet with Ram Jam”….nope, they simply played the song and D-Roc continued to chant “BLACK” throughout the entire chorus and there was no rapping involved. My other favorite part of the concert was the PSA given from the twins themselves. According to Kaine and D-Roc, they are men of the people and looking out for the greater good of all mankind; thus, they were kind enough to explain they were doing this show for “AIDS AWARENESS”… I kid you not my friends. Exact words from Kaine “The best safe sex is no sex but if ur gonna have sex…wear a condom”….a simple but very powerful message. I truly believe the message was received from the crowd as we were so intuitively listening to lyrics of their most controversial song “The Whisper Song” in which an exact lyric states “Wait till u see my dick…Imma beat that p***y up”….If that does not scream aids awareness, What does? 

Well the time had come, they show was coming to a close but not before they were able to plug their new upcoming album “The Ying and The Yang”— there has to be a hidden and meaningful message behind it. Unfortunately, D-Roc nor Kaine knew when they album would hit shelves…exact words “maybe this year, maybe next year”. I believe they are using valuable marketing skills learned through a system of higher education, promoting patience and desire. An interesting strategy they must have learned while studying at the finest business school across the US. Their final song was their new “Hit” single titled “Booty”…not really sure if that is what it is called however, that was they only word that I could make out and it was said over and over again. I was not able to find any information regarding their supposed upcoming album or their new song, which leads me to believe there is in fact no new cd coming out…WHO KNEW? 

The time had come once more….to leave the fair and return home. As I layed in bed, I realized that I, for almost a full hour was in the presence of something special!