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Published August 08, 2012
                ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL Written by Kyle J. Graves (501) 350-4542                               INT.   ART CLASS – DAY Class is a zoo. Airplanes, markers and paper balls fly across room. Two boys are sword fighting with yard sticks. Substitute teacher MR. GRAVES (26,white) is standing by door with his hands up. Student with SHORT DREADS (15) is walking into MR. GRAVES                                                                                                          SHORT DREADS                               Let me go!   SHORT DREADS walks into MR. GRAVES again.                                                MR. GRAVES                               Sit down sir.  You can go when security gets here.   SHORT DREADS hits MR. GRAVES in the face. Spit flies out of his mouth.                                                MR. GRAVES                                             (Voice Over) My name is Kyle Graves. I am a substitute teacher in an urban                Alternative School.  I have no health insurance and I get paid fifty dollars a day.  I decided to sub to see if teaching could be a career path for me.    EXT.  SCHOOL SIDEWALK  - Morning   MR. GRAVES is walking to the School Entrance. Birds are chirping, sun is beaming. School Bus pulls up. Students reluctantly get out of bus. MR. GRAVES opens the school door and walks to the main office.   INT.  MAIN OFFICE – DAY   Empty.                                              MR. GRAVES                               Hellooo…   A microwave beeps. Large Secretary (35, black) walks out of lounge with a honey bun and XL mug.                                                SECRETARY                               Excuse me.  Good Morning.  How may I help you sir?                                                MR. GRAVES Yes ma’am.  My name is Kyle Graves, I signed up on the sub hotline this morning to sub for Mrs.……                  SECRETARY Mrs.  Johnson                  MR. GRAVES Uhh Yes Ma’a                  SECRETARY          (Interrupts) UMMM Hmmm. Yea, Mrs. Johnson, that woman has been gone all semester.   The Secretary types with long raptor claw fake fingernails.                  MR. GRAVES Oh, really what happened to her?                  SECRETARY Well, I heard she hit a deer.                  MR. GRAVES Oh no. I’m sorry to hear that.   The Secretary takes huge bite of her honey bun. Slurps loudly from her mug                                                             SECRETARY I also heard she had a nervous breakdown, went bald, then took a flight out of the country after her sick leave ran out.                  MR. GRAVES What? Ha, are the students that bad?   The SECRETARY stares at MR. GRAVES. She slurps from her giant mug.                                                   SECRETARY Honey, just don’t hesitate to call security ok. You’ll be fine. Here comes Principal Roosevelt, he’ll explain more to you.   PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT  (50, black) walks into MAIN OFFICE. He’s dressed to kill in a very nice suit. Brushing his hair with wooden brush.                                              PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT                               Good Morning Ms. Pine.                                                SECRETARY PINE Good Morning Principal Roosevelt. This is Mr. Graves he is the new sub for Mrs. Johnson today.                  PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT Alright.  Alright.  Mr. Graves if you would just step into my office.                                                MR. GRAVES                               Yes sir.   Mr. Graves walks into office. Principal Roosevelt closes the door.   INT.  PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELTS OFFICE – DAY   Principal Roosevelt walks to his desk.                                                PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT                               Please take a seat Mr. Graves.                                                MR. GRAVES                               Yes sir.   Roosevelt puts his brush down on his desk.                                                                                             PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT                               Well Mr. Graves, how long have you been a sub?                                                MR. GRAVES                               This is my first semester being a sub.                                                PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT                               You going to school?                                                MR. GRAVES No sir. Not this semester. That is why I am subbing now, to see if I want to go back to college for education.                   PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT Alright. Alright. Well, let me tell you a lil something about the Academy  Mr. Graves.  All of these kids have behavior problems.  Most of them have been expelled from their zone schools throughout the district.                  MR. GRAVES O.K.                  PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT These kids are going to test you MR. GRAVES and I’m not sure that you are ready for this.  Several of the teachers today have to take off for various reasons throughout the day so I’m going to have you roaming to different classrooms each block.                  MR. GRAVES O.K.                                                                 PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT You are going to sub in the gym first period for the C. B. I. class. Do you know what C. B. I. stands for?                  MR. GRAVES Yes Sir. Community Based Instruction                  PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT These kids have varying disabilities. You know what I mean ranging from mild to severe. For the children with severe disabilities they will have a Para Pro assisting them always, ok?   GRAVES nods.                                                PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT For second block you are going to go to Mr. Smith’s Computer class. Now for no reason should they be on the internet. No Facebook, no You Tube, no nothing, except for their assigned typing assignments that should be on Mr. Smith’s desk.                  MR. GRAVES Alright.                  PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT Third block you are off to grab some lunch, prep whatever. Then for Forth block you sub in Mrs. Johnson’s art class.                  MR. GRAVES Sounds good.                  PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT Alright, I need you to sign this paper so you can get paid.   Roosevelt slides some papers across his desk. MR. Graves signs one then passes it back.                                                PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT The other sheets are a map of the school and your schedule.  I’m going to call security and have them open the gym for you.   Roosevelt grabs his hand radio                               MR. GRAVES Oh yes sir. Thank…                                                PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT                                        (Into Radio) This is Roosevelt. I need security to the Main Office to open the gym for the sub. Security to the main office.                  RADIO Rodger. On the way.                  PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT Now Mr. Graves, I am getting a lot of heat from around the district and I do not need any more problems ok. I’m going to be checking in on you throughout the day.                  MR. GRAVES Yes sir. There’s not going to be any problems though.   Door opens                                                                                             SECURITY GUARD                               KNOCK! KNOCK!                                                PRINCIPAL ROOSEVELT Yes Sir Mr. Rodgers would you please unlock the gym for Mr. Graves here.                  MR. RODGERS Yes Sir.   Mr. Graves gets up, leaves with MR. RODGERS (60 Black) who looks to be a Vietnam Vet. He has a green camouflage jacket on, black boots and he’s still wearing dog tags.                    MR. RODGERS Brother Graves, are you going to school for teaching?                  MR. GRAVES I’m thinking about it.   Two black youths walk down hallway. Sagging.                                                                        BLACK YOUTH #1                               Wat Doo’s It, Old School?                                                MR. RODGERS                               Nothing, pull your pants up son.                                                                                             BLACK YOUTH #1                               Old nigga you betta pull yo pants down!                                                BLACK YOUTH #2 HA HA, Yea Old School you need to quit smoking those Swisha Sweets too, with those dark ass lips nigga. Alright. Alright. Alright!   The boys walk down the hallway. MR. GRAVES stares wide eyed                                         MR. RODGERS I got yall!                                                MR. GRAVES                               Man. Principal Roosevelt wasn’t kidding.                                                MR. RODGERS You can’t control some of these bad kids. Instead of getting ready for college their getting ready for the pen.                  MR. GRAVES Man, it’s like that?                  MR. RODGERS Have you seen the Wall of Shame yet?                  MR. GRAVES No what’s that?   MR. GRAVES and MR. RODGERS walk down the hallway.