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November 30, 2008


As if it's a crime to watch the Gilmore Girls, or Sex And The City. I hate people who refer to men that watch these shows as "gay". The fact that I enjoy watching women on TV should reflect the opposite, but unfortunately it doesn't. I just find that no one has written a proper male charcter in any show, excluding "How I Met Your Mother", "Friends" and a few others. It's much more interesting to hear a woman complain 24/7 about how her sex life is average, than watch a man beg his cold hearted wife to go play a game of golf on his only day off, after working a long week (Everybody Loves Raymond). Much to my surprise, the non lazy male characters are also written awkwardly, with the exception of "Friends", where each male character portrayed a different stereotype often brought up in shows such as "Good Years", "Cheers", "King Of Queens", etc. The main reason I decided to share this rather unitersting point with you fellow FOD'ers (despite my hatred for blogs) is mainly because I am bored. Plain and simple. Bored. I need something interesting to watch.

Now for some shameless advertising: Lifeology, the perfect show. Coming soon.