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September 01, 2009


New TV ads in Brazil are encouraging Brazilians to save water by peeing in the shower. According to the AP, Brazilian environmental group SOS Mata Atlantica says their ad campaign uses humor to persuade people to reduce the number of toilet flushes, because if a household avoids one flush a day, it can save up to 1,157 gallons of water per year.

So I'm sure you've had conversations with your friends and/or significant others about peeing in the shower.   Of course, I'm not referring to conversations about mathematical equations of how many gallons of water will be saved in America if everyone peed in the shower.  I'm talking about straight up - Do you pee in the shower? If you said no, are you lying?  Recently, I was talking about this very subject with my friends and we were actually debating on whether or not it's gross - and which sex is apt to peeing in the shower more often.

The consensus to the latter question was simple: Men.  Of COURSE men pee in the shower. Their equipment allows for easy aiming at the drain, where, let's face it - pee ends up anyway had they used a toiletbowl.  Yes, the same drain-concept holds true for women, but we're not popping squats in the shower -- if we're going, it'll end up on our bodies.  (Oh, I realize this is a gross blog topic, by the way.)

The debate continued with whether or not it even matters that pee touches our legs.  If we were to pee in the beginning, before any of our cleansing rituals, any grossness will be washed off with a bodywash drenched loofah, right?

Well, now I want to hear from YOU.  All answers are anonymous OBVI -- but I'm just curious how many of you people pee in the shower!