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September 12, 2008


Battle for the #1 draft pick: Rams vs. Raiders

 Can we be gay lovers? We both suck- so why not?

 From the net-

If you're already looking to put together your '09 mock draft, the Rams are really the only team that can claim they were in the same stratosphere of suck as the Raiders this past week. It's shaping up to be a heated battle.

The Eagles had their way with the Rams offensively, with the Rams defenders kindly allowing Donovan McNabb to pretend he was a young man again. Three hundred-yard receivers and a 81-yard rusher is an indication of an offense that didn't face a whole lot of resistance. And the Rams offense was even worse than their defense. Head coach (for a few more weeks, anyway) Scott Linehan openly admits that the same effort won't win a single game for the Rams this year.

The glass-half-full-view? Number one draft pick, baby!

That's the positive spin that Dallas Morning News columnist Rick Gosselin is putting on things in light of the Rams being shockingly awful in every phase of the game on Sunday. He's already planning what they can do with the first pick in the '09 draft.


Right now, the Rams are the worst team in the NFL, which would entitle them to the first overall pick in the 2009 draft. The best senior currently on that draft board is Georgia Tech defensive end Michael Johnson.


Just four more months of sitting through painful football, and then you can start looking ahead to another young stud defensive lineman. Feel the glory, Rams fans.

But I think it's awfully disrespectful of Gosselin to just ignore the Raiders like that. Their performance on Monday night was a clear indication that they're not letting go of that #1 overall pick without a fight. This has the potential to be an epic battle.



Jim says---

God, it kills me to read and admit this.

I'd fallen asleep during halftime of the GB/Minn game. The next thing I know, I'm having a football nightmare of Raider Midgets inside Zorbs trying to tackle Jay Cutler, but inevitably just bouncing off like rubber balls.

As I slowly wake, I hear Mike Greenburg say the score- 41-0, 4th quarter.

I woke up a little more, realized I wasn't really dreaming at all because our $41 million new defensive back WAS playing in a Zorb.

 Help! I'm rolling and I can't get up! Hey! Cutler! Come back here! Oh shit- I've rolled out of the stadium!


I went 7-9 last week. I'm giving myself a break because no one could have predicted Brady would go down for the season in the first quarter. I did get Pitt rolling over Houston-


KANSAS CITY 3½ Oakland NOT GOING HERE- WORST GAME OF WEEK, DECADE, CENTURY CINCINNATI 1 Tennessee Because Cincy's at home, Vince Young needs Zoloft and I've seen Collins play under pressure- it ain't pretty Indianapolis 2 MINNESOTA No way in hell Indy starts at 0-2 New Orleans 1 WASHINGTON stay away from this- could go either way Green Bay 3 DETROIT  Not crazy about this either- Detriot could surprise at home CAROLINA 3 Chicago Because of home field and the Bears got lucky vs Indy (sorry Laurie) N.Y. Giants 8 ST LOUIS I'm a glutton for punishment and think 8 is alot JACKSONVILLE 5½ Buffalo PICK OF THE WEEK- no way Jags lose this, 19-6 TAMPA BAY 7½ Atlanta PICK O WEEK 2- TB 23 Atl 3 SEATTLE 7½ San Francisco Sorry Matt ARIZONA 6½ Miami ANOTHER EASY ONE! N.Y. JETS 2 New England Who knows? Pats eek one out 13-10 HOUSTON 5 Baltimore Texans favored?? WTF?? San Diego 1 1/2 DENVER  Chargers will not go 0-2, but this is a toughie Pittsburgh 5½ CLEVELAND Cle looked bad v Dallas, but they could surprise here. Stay away NFL Monday, September 15 DALLAS 7 Philadelphia Only because they may cover