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My Dearest:

Miss Lorna Morello

Before i get started ! You don’t know who i am and we have never meet in person but i think am in love with you my goddess. You see i have seen a few of your pics online and yes i know what you are in prison for and even a little back info on you from your old social media profiles and such stuff online. An let me just say i also love that song Almost Paradise hey just sayin ! it’s a good song right ! But yeah baby when you get out i want make all your dreams come true so i can make your life feel like Paradise. Yes i would love for you and i as husband and wife. Living the fairly tail lifestyle as soulmates forever in true love, that is forever in perfect harmony with each other my sweet. So am putting myself out a limb asking for your hand in marriage my sweet Lorna, i love you so. Write back if you feel the same my sexy lady. An then i will give you my name and my pic and all that stuff you dig. An am hoping maybe i could come visit you some time soon on a Conjugal visit one day soon a ! Anywho the return address is on the letter as you know Miss Morello my dream woman, hit me up anytime big sexy. Much Love BOO ! An keep your head up Lorna because you are the best my dove. XOXO

Forever loving You

Your Secert Admirer DA Bullfrog

P.S: Hey baby i hope you enjoy the pic of the painting i made of you my sexy thing };-) ( aka the pic you clicked on people ! )


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