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December 05, 2008


Okay, I am gong to take a minute to bitch since probably no one will read this and I don't give a fuck because no one knows who I am anyway. I finally admitted to myself recently that i was bi-curious. My boyfriend and i decided to take it a step further and have a threesome, which we all enjoyed very much and have continued to do. I decided to tell my sister that I was bi. I told her in confidence as this could be a problem with my family being as my Dad is a preacher and all. So what does the little cunt do? She fucking tells all of them, after promising me she wouldn't. What the Fuck!! I can't fucking count on my own sister. I am so pissed today I could spit nails. I don't care if they know I am bi, I just wanted to be able to tell them on my own terms. I mean, I am fucking 25 years old, that is old enough to keep a private life, and not have it shared with my DAD, who now wants to talk to me about it. Give me the good old christian pep talk and tell me I am probably just going through a phase. Yeah okay preacher man, do you remember the fact that you are addicted to porn? or that your new wife fucking murdered her own father. Give me a fucking break you bunch of hippocrites.