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October 12, 2009


Hey, I'm back for one more week as FunnyOrDie’s featured blogger. I’ve grown really attached to all of you. Yes, all of you. I want to stay forever so I devised a gimmick. I decided to pander to you via a special and unique offer.

Tell FunnyOrDie to keep me around. Do this by clicking on my articles over and over again, by leaving plenty of positive comments, by hitting the Digg and StumbleUpon buttons. Get your friends in on the action too. C'mon, gang! Wait, what? Some of you don't give a crap? Well, here's the sugar, baby. Even if you couldn’t care less about me, I know that you worship Thom Yorke - everyone does - so here’s the deal. Leave those comments, click those Digg and StumbleUpon buttons and you will get a personalized photograph with Thom Yorke.


You heard me. Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. Okay, maybe not everyone but I will try to accommodate as many as possible. I guarantee at least 12 randomly-selected winners will receive this most glorious prize. I will insert the image of Thom Yorke’s face into the photograph of their choice. After notification, winners will have 24 hours to email their photographs and I will turn them around in like a day. I’ll even include an image of my face for anyone who requests it. Again, there may be more but I am very slow and inefficient with Photoshop.

The prize photographs will be published on Friday as we celebrate my extended run. This is totally going to work, guys.

Love ya,


10/16/09 follow-up