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June 03, 2016

8 best ways to keep your job #1) Know what is expected of you. After you killed your boss and buried him. Don’t wear that blood stain shirt around your office that looks like it came out of a drug cartels outlet. Be proud of your image you represent. #2) Have a positive attitude. If you think you life sucks: rephrase: My life positively absolutely definitely sucks. Show gratitude at work for your suckie life #3) update your skill set. After you get a well rested afternoon you don’t want to overdue things especially after you got out of the emergency room for spraining your penis. #4) If possible, take on more work or responsibility: If you have to kill a few more useless people at work bring more shovels. #5) Network; with other employees that can help you better plan your diggings around a reasonable schedule. Have everyone bring shovels from home so you can cut down on company expenses when people get you angry. #6) Occupy yourself while waiting: Doesn’t mean whacking off with yourself. Not a good way to make a first good expression with sticky cum on your hands. #7) Tie your answers to issues the company/interviewer is facing: don’t bring up the fact that your dad is a cross dresser and you would like to try on some of the nice high heel’s your boss’s wife collects. .You knows this because prior to the interview you were stalking his wife. “OH boy”. #8) Don’t gossip on the job: Gossip well stop right away after your fellow employees find the extra body weight laying around the office