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October 16, 2015

an examination of an intelligent opinion -- my riposte

[In regards to: http://www.lennyletter.com/ and/or https://www.facebook.com/JenniferLawrence/posts/10153012783811793:0]


Dear Jennifer Lawrence,

That was a fine essay you wrote on the inequality between men and women; and I applaud that, but I’m actually a lot more concerned with why you make more money than me.

I think the fact that some people are celebrities who earn enormous amounts of money fantastically out of proportion to their relative contributions to Society is very disturbing. “Hollywood” is a very unoriginal, boring, stupid and commonplace industry in Los Angeles, and it requires an IQ just slightly above 40 to become an enormous star making hundreds of millions of dollars. There are numerous examples I can easily cite, with absurd amounts of extensive documentation proving that most actors who have incomes over $5 million per year have IQ scores in the 20 to 68 range, with a standard deviation of 0.666, which is typically considered to be a standard measure of scientific accuracy, in science.

Nonetheless, I admit fully that it was my family (my great-grandfather Albert Carlos Jones) who actually recruited the first theatrical troupes and performers to Los Angeles in the 1890’s. Hollywood, as an industry, would possibly not even exist without contributions from my ancestor, but I don’t reap any benefits. So, I wonder, seriously, how it is that actors complain about their pay, at all?

This prompts me to say, in all honesty: “Shut the fuck up! You narcissists! Quit moaning about how rich you are, but less compared to someone else.”

You have only half as much experience as the people you are competing against, Jennifer Lawrence.​ Get used to it. That’s why you get paid less. You just don’t have as much experience in negotiation as they do. It’s not about your sex – it’s about your skill in negotiation. Because of Zeno’s paradox, you will always have half as much experience as the next actor (for explanation, please see “Zeno’s paradox”). Case closed. Quit trying. Quit making ‘scenes’.

Redundantly (since my point has already been proved), if the accusation “I’m paid less because I’m a woman” were true, then why am I paid less than you? Why was Albert Einstein​ paid less than you? Why was Gandhi paid less than you? Why was Jesus paid less than you?

Just SHUT UP!!

In any case (if you are still feeling Jennerous), please tell me how Caitlyn Jenner spending $4 million on a sex change benefits society, and why a male Olympic athlete wanted to become a woman, throwing away money that could have saved countless lives.

P.S. I was very impressed with your work in “Hunger Games”, but my ex-gf who published research with a Nobel winner thought it was a really crappy movie.