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February 02, 2012

Think you know alternative folk/country singers? You don't.



Country folk singer Allana Muddlepooly disappointed the crowd of death metal fans in attendance at her latest gig.

The fans blamed the singer for ‘false advertising,’ and ‘misleading them with an inappropriate name.’

“I would have understood if it had been World music,” said one irate patron, “But not this Anais Mitchell shit.”

As the singer retired after being pelted with gimp masks and nipple rings, she was shaken and in shock.

“It started out as a spelling mistake. Originally I was calling myself Gentle Mystification, but after accidentally ordering 300 copies of the demo with Mental Mutilation on them I decided to go with it.”

The artist is currently recording at her studio in the Cotswolds.

“The good thing is that this traumatic experience has given me plenty of inspiration for my next album. It will be full of the same soul searching and tear drenched lyrics about my cat, Puffball.”

Mental Mutilation’s next album, I love my Pussy, will be released in September from Ailing Cod records.