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Published February 14, 2008 More Info »
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Published February 14, 2008
Here's what we've up to video-wise: We’re working on a short series called “Rejected Fatalities” based on Mortal Kombat 3’s weird Fatalities (Friendship, Animality and… Babality?) We started to think (after playing SNES for about 4 hours) if these were the best one what were the rejected ideas? Luckily, we were stupid enough to guess: How about – A fighter jumps into the other player and rips through then a la Alien? FOETALITY! (This could also be the name of an Extreme Babality…) Other ideas included Musicality, Reality and my personal favorite: Top Modality (yes, wtf?) Our second project is called Pokemonhontas. It’s the answer to Neils long wondered question: What would happen if Disney met anime (the anime thing is sort of beyond me – I watched Pokemon a couple of times when I was about 8, but that was it!) Because of my lack of knowledge, we haven’t gotten very far on this. What we have so far is: -Pokemonhontas’ animal sidekick is, of course, called Meekochu All of John Smith’s lines are soundbites from Mel Gibson movies… An Alan Menken style song called “I choose you” Out third, final and most completed project is called “Wonderland.” All the sound is done (so I can take a break) but Neil is still working on the animation and it’s taking a while because we wanted it to look like proper Disneymation. But since we’re almost done I won’t give too much away. Stay tuned JL Green (The Brunch Club)