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February 14, 2008


Here's what we've up to video-wise:

We’re working on a short series called “Rejected Fatalities” based on Mortal Kombat 3’s weird Fatalities (Friendship, Animality and… Babality?) We started to think (after playing SNES for about 4 hours) if these were the best one what were the rejected ideas?

Luckily, we were stupid enough to guess:

How about – A fighter jumps into the other player and rips through then a la Alien? FOETALITY! (This could also be the name of an Extreme Babality…)

Other ideas included Musicality, Reality and my personal favorite: Top Modality (yes, wtf?)

Our second project is called Pokemonhontas. It’s the answer to Neils long wondered question: What would happen if Disney met anime (the anime thing is sort of beyond me – I watched Pokemon a couple of times when I was about 8, but that was it!) Because of my lack of knowledge, we haven’t gotten very far on this. What we have so far is:

-Pokemonhontas’ animal sidekick is, of course, called Meekochu

  • All of John Smith’s lines are soundbites from Mel Gibson movies…

  • An Alan Menken style song called “I choose you”

Out third, final and most completed project is called “Wonderland.” All the sound is done (so I can take a break) but Neil is still working on the animation and it’s taking a while because we wanted it to look like proper Disneymation. But since we’re almost done I won’t give too much away.

Stay tuned

JL Green (The Brunch Club)