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Published: December 15, 2008
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So, The other day I posted this half-thought-out idea in the cap contest, and received a number of very nice and supportive messages and comments for it.  The purpose of the posting was two-fold:

1. I wanted to tell a joke.
2. I wanted to explain my own system for voting (except, I don't need heart medication)

Now, I'm posting it here, to allow anyone to add to it.  If you have any other ideas,  thoughts, or even if you just want to tell me to DIE,  go right ahead.  Thanks



- Read Each Caption in its entirety.

- Think about the caption. Tilt head slightly to accentuate 'thinking.'

- If the caption makes you laugh out loud, vote "Funny."

- If the caption makes you chuckle - flip a coin about whether or not you vote "Funny."

- If you neither laugh nor scoff at the cap. Skip it. No need to vote "Die" on someone that hasn't gotten you fired from your job or killed a loved one.

- If you feel uncontrolled anger at what the cap says - Give it a "Die," then take your heart medication.

- If you find none of the caps funny and you feel compelled to vote "Die" on all of them, then perhaps you should get the fuck out of here. You lack the essential Cap contest tool known as a sense of humor.

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