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February 21, 2013

These pics might seem legit. But, upon closer inspection, you can spot (and smell) the bullsh!t.

These pics might seem legit. But, upon closer inspection, you can spot (and smell) the bullsh!t.

1. The only "candy" this machine dispenses are helmeted dudes holding hoses... for some that might be a good thing.

candy machine

2.  This Children's Club looks like it actually clubs children, takes them to a cabin deep in the woods, and blah blah blah, Penn State...

children's club

3. Yeah, Chunkster. I'll believe you have a six pack the day I hear you say 'no' to seconds.

fake abs

4. Free Candy, huh? I didn't know we started calling pedophiles, "candy". Hmm...

free candy

5. This actually IS legit...if you want to be grabbed forcibly by a toothless vagrant under a bridge.

free hugs

6. The true irony of this is he's actually Googling, "Sooo Hungry."


7. This sketchy burger establishment forces you to have it THIER way.


8. Any person who sees this as legit deserves to suffer the consequences.


9. Sure, you say that now, Jake Palmer. But I'm gonna call Scoob & The Gang over just to double-check.


10. Hours of painstaking photoshopping later and he STILL looks like a loser.


11. Looks like this bus is heading to the School of Inappropriate Touching.


12. This is the winner of the "Sketchiest Gay Club" 8 years running.


13. If this fella can inspect a woman-cave even half as well as he spray paints, I might just have to make an appointment...


14. Opened it up and found the name, "Mel Gibson" scribbled in crayon. Methinks I smell bullsh!t.

holy bible

15. Comes with the exclusive "Answer" and "Hang Up" Apps!


16. Oddly, this looks healthier than anything on the KFC menu.

kfc bucket

17. This woodland tattoo hut specializes in the niche-sub-culture market of non-sterilized needles.


18. Nice. A misspelled Wal Mart literally without any walls. How brilliantly stupid of you, jungle person.

wal mart