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July 09, 2008


All right, by now, if you're reading this blog, you've probably seen the final episode of "Sparkle Picnic" for series one. We're (kind-of)hard at work on series two already, with twelve sketches already shot. I think we're going on hiatus until around November, and then we'll get back to a semi-regular schedule. This one features the Brandon Eliason touch (a.k.a. - EZ Bike!), edited nicely by Benjamin Herreid (who actually compiled the whole episode... though Chayder did do the "Another Pizza Surprise" as far as editing goes). It's kind of sad to take a break when we're really starting to hit our stride and rack up subscribers on youtube, but, you know, leave 'em wanting more... We'll have a few things popping up over the few months in-between series one and series two, including, hopefully, a short film/long sketch written by Steve Johnson (bushy beard), a website, and, perhaps, a DVD. If you aren't already, you can be our friend on facebook/myspace and subscribe to our videos on youtube (sparklepicnic.com). You'll be hearing from us. Promise. -Jason