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February 28, 2018

Spring is quickly approaching and with that comes a new line of looks, styles, and GBFs that need to be on your radar.

Spring is quickly approaching and with that comes a new line of looks and styles that definitely need to be on your radar.This spring is all about Kyle—well, it will be about you, but Kyle will be there for moral support until you move onto next season’s gay man. Cody, maybe? We’re still waiting for Anna Wintour to tell us! Steep your tea, ladies, because we’re looking for your new GBF.

5) Kyle B

Kyle B made our roundup this year after being beaten out by Brendan last fall. Kyle B is the perfect accessory for this spring because he looks great next to floral print and will politely listen to you complain about Chad for hours expecting you to eventually ask about his own love life, but you don’t have to! That’s not how this arrangement works!

4) Kyle H

That’s right! Throw out your tennis bracelets and make room for Kyle H! Show off Kyle H at brunch with your other gal pals while you ignore his clearly worsening depression and isolation from his family. Bonus perk alert! Kyle H knows how to french braid! He learned this fab trick when he had to spend that week at Melissa’s after he came out and his dad wouldn’t talk to him. Did you hear about this? Nope, because you weren’t listening. Amaze!

3) Kyle S

This Kyle conveniently comes with the UrbanDecay Naked3 palette. Kyle keeps his makeup in his car where he’s been living because it’s legal for landlords to discriminate against LGBTQ+ renters. But he still comes through with that contour—yas kween! Despite being intimately aware of his struggles, you still identify as “socially liberal, but fiscally conservative” and don’t see the connection there.

2) Kyle G

We’ve been obsessing over Kyle G from his insta for months and we finally met him in Silver Lake and have been besties ever sense! Posing next to Kyle has increased your insta likes dramatically, almost as dramatic as Kyle himself. LOL! Kyle G is perfect for the straight white gal who LOVES the Queer Eye reboot and talks about it so much that she is clearly overcompensating for something. Wanna make Kyle watch you try on outfits for hours and then not choose the one he told you he liked? As Jonathan would say, “WERK”!

1) Kyle T

Kyle T has the distinct honor of being our number one accessory this spring! Congrats, babe! Last month, Kyle T found the strength to leave an abusive relationship. You liked his facebook status about it, but won’t ask for the details because when it really comes down to it,you’re not as cool with the whole gay thing as you thought you were. But that’s totally chill! Kyle T can see through the facade of your performative wokeness, but will ultimately still hang out with you because it’s better than more active and physical forms of bigotry and hatred. PLUS, he knows all the words to the RENT soundtrack! Sing along with Rosario Dawson and tell him that you kissed a girl once even though he hears this story literally once a week.Then get really drunk and force him to make out with you even though he’s told you to stop several times! That’s part of the fun of treating gay men like accessories!

Now get out there and find your LGBT-Queen,honey!