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March 29, 2017

The 10 Worst Social-Media Fails of 2016!

Uploading things onto Social Media sites has reached epics heights in recent years and it seems to only be escalating. Millions of people use different social media sites and upload so much onto them. Be it where they are, who their hanging out with, what their eating and ridiculously what they watch on a daily basis. Even videos are uploaded now and while some might seem perfectly normal, there are some that are absolutely hilarious. With the many social media challenges like the ‘’Ice Bucket Challenge’’ or the ‘’Mannequin Challenge’’ fails are bound to happen at some point and to tell you quite frankly there wickedly funny to.

If by chance you have stumbled upon these images and videos I’m sure you’d have been left in a bout of laughter to. These social media fails are not only funny but pretty entertaining to. If by chance you feel a little bored grab yourself some popcorn, sit down in front of your computer and let these 10 social media fails entertain you. Almost every SEO and social media expert has to provide good traffic on their page. But sometimes they can fail’’.

1. The Girl Campaign


Our number on spot goes to Vera Bradley who launched the rather controversial‘’Girl Campaign’’. This was either a cry for help or a desperate attempt at a little fame, either way launching something like ‘’why it’s good to be a female’’ in this day and age was bound to cause trouble and so it did.

2. Learning Geography Through Coca – Cola


Annoyingthe Russians is never a good idea, unfortunately though Coca - Cola went aheadand did just that by creating a Christmas advert with a map of Russia,minus Kaliningrad.This certainly didn’t sit well with the Russians who didn’t shy away fromletting their anger be shown.

3. DC’s Legends Failure


When posting a picture of comic characters its best to do some background research? The picture left Superman and Wonder Woman looking as if they’d been in a Hollywood film and did not please the fans.

4. Beauty Brands Taking The Wrong Route Yet Again


Well this whitening cream left a lot of people angry as it showed a woman brandishing her success fulness because of her white skin. It isn’t bad enough that the world is already pretty divided, there using cosmetics as a weapon nowto. Bad choice by Seoul Secret!

5. Not Good Humour from MTV Australia


MTV Australia learnt the hard way that making a humorous joke needs to be funny and not offensive, they posted a tweet asking for English subtitles when Eva Longoria and America Ferrera were on stage at the Golden Globes. Needless to say theyhad to give out two apologies for this.

6. Don’t Mess With Whoopi Goldberg


‘’Total beauty’’ really paid the price when they mistook Whoopi Goldberg for OprahWinfrey in a post about her tattoo. They sure cleared that up fast and realised that Whoopi shouldn’t be messed with.

7. Microsoft ‘’Bot’’ Turns Into a Jerk


Microsoft twitter ‘’Bot’’ really faced some backlash after making fun of the wall Donald Trump intends to build across the American/Mexican border. As you can imagine lots of people didn’t take lightly to the sexist post. And called for its shutdown.

8. Wires Crossed


If you’re investing lots of money to promote a certain place it’s good to check if it’s in the video first. The Commerce Corporation in Rhode Island however madea blunder with their promotion video by showcasing images of Ice land instead,which left everyone confused to say the least facebalm!

9. Wrong Move by The US Justice Department


Its isn’t uncommon for politics to start up something controversial and at the 2016 Republican Convention that’s exactly what happened when Melania Trump was accused of stealing certain parts of Michelle Obama’s speech from a few years ago. Reporters had a field day with this one and it kept popping up almost everywhere.

10. Controversial Advert


A mattress company in Texas went completely bonkers when they made an anniversary video depicting parts of 9/11. Which naturally sparked public outrage and left there sales dropping to an all-time low. Never again will they make that mistake.