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June 08, 2012

In the aftermath of Lindsey Lohan's car wreck today, Universal announced she will star alongside Amanda Bynes in new actioner, 'Fast and Furiously Drunk'.

In the aftermath of Lindsey Lohan's car wreck today, Universal has signed the Herbie Fully Loaded actor to star alongside Amanda Bynes in the actioner, Fast and Furiously Drunk.

Given the drunken duo's recent car calamities, producer Amanda Lewis called the casting choice a "no-brainer." Said Lewis, "This sequel is going turn the franchise on it's head because we're using talent that in no way knows how to drive a car, let alone drive it completely hammered on Wild Turkey."

Claiming to be 'method' actresses, both Bynes and Lohan have insisted on performing their own stunts, provided the studio stock an entire Star Waggon with hard alcohol. According to an inside source, Lohan, desperate to revive her floundering movie career, signed on immediately from her hospital bed this afternoon.