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Published March 29, 2013


Hi Folks, Cynthia here again with another installment of my Dave Matthews Fan Fiction. This one is called “Picnic Date”.

The doorbell rings, I’m not yet ready for the date, but since it’s a casual-picnic-in-the-field sort of affair, I don’t need to do much to get ready.

I rush to the door and open it, the wind from the movement making my hair move like wild fire (I’m a redhead, with a temper, but a zest for life!). Dave is standing there, with a bushel of fresh wildflowers.

“Cynthia!” Dave exclaims, “You look beautiful.”

He pulls me into a tender embrace, humming sweet melodies in my ear as he nuzzles my neck. We kiss for twenty minutes.

“Dave, we should go,” I say, worriedly.

“Nah, babe, there’s no closing time on sitting in a field, listening to me sing you songs and making love under the starlight.” Daves eyes twinkle as he nuzzles me again.

I melt!

We get to the lavender-flower-peppered field and Dave sets up the picnic. Dave, as per usual, has brought the entire dinner, which he cooked in his outdoor kitchen. It’s an impressive spread, including fresh baked bread, honey from his bees, crudite, buttermilk and sweet berries. There are also bottles upon bottles of mead and mulberry wine.

“Dave, this is too much!” I exclaim, as we nuzzle again.

“I eat too much. I drink too much. I want too much. Too much!” He laughingly shouts. These are lyrics to his song, Too Much.  He sings the rest of the song and we slow dance.

As the moon shows her gentle face, Dave and I realize we have been dancing for hours.

“Crash into me,” he whispers, “Lost for you, I’m so lost. For you.” I melt again. These are lyrics from his song, Crash, one of my favorites.

We make sweet love until a cricket lands on my shoulder and plays the fiddle part from Too Much in our ears.

The End.