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April 25, 2009


So Im back with my third DeathScratch. Its 1:58am and Im currently at work so I decided it was time to list the things that annoy and bother me. These are not things I hate, only things that frustrate and irritate me. Why am I writing this? First off its my DeathScratch and I will write what I please, secondly Im hoping anyone reading this can relate. The first thing that annoys me: A fresh, cold glass of orange juice ready for the drinking, only to be completely !!RUINED!! by some sort of tiny blackish dot floating around the inside of my glass. I do not know what the dot is, but once it has penetrated the juice its done for. I always find myself trying to scoop it out with a spoon, or my dirty fingers but it only worsens the situation.  Another annoyance: The battery drawer. No matter how many new batteries I buy, it is gauranteed that each time I grab one from the drawer it will not work. That is fact. Then I always try to mix and match old and new batteries, hoping that somehow I will get the correct combination of power to turn on my wireless companion. Sadly enough I am partially to blame thanks to my odd obesession with keeping old batteries. This DeathScrath is getting a little lengthy so I better get back to "working". Again these are things that I DONT hate, but they are getting close. Any annoyances of your own?