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March 30, 2009


Hello all my friends.......
     Here it is another year and life seems about the same- I'm getting ready to turn 33 very shortly and nothing seems to have changed very much... I have been back in West Plains for about 2 years know, and it seems like that I haven't accomplished very much being back here in Mo. I feel like that I keep hitting that fuck'n wall over and over again.... I'm in a relationship and things seem ok. I'm not just happy and i guess that maybe i just rushed into.. Don't get me wrong I care and love her very much, she means the world to me. She told me what had happen to her when she was younger. I have had a good life so far but know I'm against the wall and don't have anywhere to fuckin go.. I feel like I have my head under the water and can't get it back up.. I have alot of pain on my heart and am affraid of letting someone in it again... I just don't want to be hurt again and just wanna be happy is that to much to ask for...