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July 30, 2014

This pioneering program was done to prevent school shootings from happening.

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The George W. Bush Elementary School is a pioneering institution that earlier this year decided to adopt the NRA’s guidelines and recommendations on preventing school shootings. Ever since it did this, the school has been doused with negative press and protests from angry parents. So, I decided to investigate what a typical day was like at the elementary school. What you’ll find in reading this is that the NRA influenced school is a success story, as there were no school shootings at all.

First Period

I started the day in Mr. Gary Miller’s fifth grade Social Studies class. The day’s lesson was on the successful recovery of nuclear weapons in Iraq in 2005.

“In 2003, the United States decided to invade the country of Iraq, which was ruled by a ruthless dictator by the name of Saddam Hussein. The reason we did this was not to topple his regime, but to find the nuclear weapons his country was forbidden to have based on sanctions our country imposed on Iraq. These weapons were so well hidden that it took us over 2 years to find them.”

— Gary Miller

Around the 25th minute of the class, something drastic happened. A kid began to yell violently and he pulled out a gun. Thankfully, Mr.Miller had one too. Mr. Miller shot him and two other children dead accidentally, but prevented a school shooting.

Mr. Miller called in the paramedics who immediately came in and removed the bodies of the children as they are apparently on stand-by at the school. Then he reconvened with the day’s lesson.

“So, where were we? Oh! So, Iraq is currently a fully functional democratic country. It only took 4 years for this to happen. The people are free to vote. They no longer live in fear of being killed each and every day.”

— Gary Miller

Lunch Time

I sat in with the teachers at lunch time. One woman announced to everyone there, “Only 10 children have been killed today by this time. That is a new record. We’ve never seen such a low number before.” Everyone in the lunchroom cheered. “I would like to say that one child was killed accidentally as Mr. Braden mistook the boy’s pencil for a gun. Other than that, we have had no school shootings.”

By the end of the day, only two more kids had been shot to death. But this was only because a teacher let the kids see the gun and the safety was off. So, that was 12 kids shot to death and no school shootings to speak of in a typical day at George W. Bush Elementary School.

By: Patricia Jones