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by King Christopher (radio show host)
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Published March 18, 2013

How Massage Can Save Your Sex Life

By King Christopher


I think it's pretty much established that a lot of people are in a sexless marriage. Sexless marriage can eventually lead to no marriage at all. Whatever the reasons may be that your marriage has become sexless doesn't matter. When couples need to spice it up most resort to swinging, cheating and porno. I think the reality is those things don't work. Massage is the best way to save your sex life. It's simple, natural and it works.


The reason massage works so well is because a woman's entire body is an erogenous zone. Unlike men, evrything is focused in the middle and as long as everything ends up at his penis he's happy. But with women, it takes a lot more effort to get the job done. Women can get turned on in so many other areas of her body. To women a good massage is prolonged pleasure that doesn't disappoint like a penis usually does. So what are some specific erogenous zones on the female body?


Feet: Once I gave a girl an orgasm by just massaging her feet the right way.


Back: A woman's biggest erogenous zone is between her shoulder blades. I think it's a primordial thing that this area gets her the most horny.


Head: Give her some good head, a lot of women get aroused by a nice scalp massage.


Neck & Shoulders: If done right? This will get her flowing down below.


Breast: Breasts before the rest. Massage breasts gently and tease those nipples, then move on to the other areas.



Quick tip: Have your wife wear nothing but a thong for her massage.


You watched the King Christopher video to see how it's done. You dimed the lights, music on, massage oils ect... you start off the massage at a nice slow pace, working on those key areas first. It's your wife so when you see signs she's getting hot, take your time! It's all about the build up, so NO Talking as she's getting horny.


She's aroused now and you're massaging her inner thighs, making your way to the middle. Now it's time to tease and repeat. When you get close to her kitty, give a little, back off and move to another area like her feet or back up to the breasts(repeat). She's %100 turned on now. Moving around her body as a whole will keep her wet for a while and as you keep massaging you can get a feel for what she likes the most. As for what's next? Maybe the best sex you had since you first met.