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October 21, 2009


As my previous blog, I will take you down my "memory lane".  Now we all do things we regret when we are younger, and this is no exception.

I was just out of high school, and I was "dating" this girl from school.  Now I say dating in quotations since it was a little bit of a on and off type relationship.  She deceided to one day have a surgical procedure, a breast reduction.  Why?  Back problems, they are too big, pick your reason it must have been one if not all.

Now keep in mind that things are getting boring and the connection isn't really there anymore, for me anyways.

She has the procedure, and it's now the day after and I go to visit her.  I bring her the cutest stuff bear ever.  Picture in your minds the perfect teddy bear to give as a "get well" offering, in the history of the world.  She loves it and ask me "what are we going to call it?"

Now, i don't know what I was thinking at the time, but...

"How about Toodles.  As in toodles, see ya later"  

And with those words I turned around and walked out of the room, out of her life.  I never spoke to her again.  I wish I could say I never saw her again, but I can't.

5 years later, I am newly married.  My wife and I meet up with my uncle and his family at a restaurant.  We sit, we order and we receive our food.  we are at a round table in the middle of the restaurant.  People are leaving, news ones arriving.  I look up at my aunt and sitting at the table right behind her is this girl staring right at me.  Ever get that sinking feeling where your insides are going down towards  your feet and your temperature rises like 200 degrees instantly.  I immediately look down at my plate and try to regroup.  Oh crap.  Oh crap.

I look up and see that my wife is staring at this girl.  I kick my wife's foot and ask her why she's staring.  
"I like her hair.  I like her skirt, she's pretty"  Keep in mind, my wife knows the toodles story but has never seen this girl.  And is staring and looking at her.  This girl gets up and heads to the bathroom.  

Here's my chance.  I give my uncle some money to cover our meals and tell him I'm not feeling well and have to go.  Get up, grab our coats and boot it to the car.  

This whole story might make me a bad guy, but I do regret being a jerk to her.  I was young and immature back then.  And if you are wondering why I ran out the restaurant instead of talking to her.  The guy she was with looked like he was about 6'5" 250 pounds.

What would you have done?