Jeff outfit.jpg

Here we see Jeff in some stripes, some plaid, some paisley, a lamé jacket, and two very different shoes. While most of us know not to mismatch patterns, Jeff knows that if you use ALL of the patterns, it becomes okay again. His sartorial streak shines through, even when he has to get dressed in the dark.

matt smile.jpg

Matt says that you’re not fully dressed until you’re wearing your smile. He then goes on to look oh-so-fashionable in pitch-black darkness by simply giving us a grin. Talk about practicing what you preach! Not only is he our new style icon…he’s also our smile icon. ;)


While the judges took her to task for the “Bant” (combination boot and pant), we applaud her for her bold choice. Christina’s look plays on the tension between opposites. Between the loud pink and the muted grays, Christina’s outfit is like a vertical mullet: party on top and business on the bottom.

Jenn bronzer.jpg

Thanks to Jenn, you’re looking at the next big thing in makeup. They laughed about it at the time, but we’re letting you know now that high-contrast bronzer is here to stay. Tip: find the color closest to your actual skin tone. Then, buy whichever color is FURTHEST from that one. Also, think of all the time you’ll save now that you don’t have to aim for a smooth, blended look!

ron outfit.jpg

Ron is wearing a makeshift shirt-kilt that he improvised in a moment of panic. Doesn’t sound like the best scenario in which to get dressed, but the secret to it working is Ron’s confidence. Confidence is a key accessory in any wardrobe, but it’s especially important with all manner of kilts. Think about what a different movie Braveheart would have been if Mel Gibson hadn’t boldly shouted, “FREEDOM!”, but had instead meekly mumbled, “um…could we, maybe…um…possibly have a little bit of our freedom sometimes, if that’s perhaps not too much to ask?” Ron is our Braveheart, the fashion world is his battlefield, and this look is truly victorious.