Los Angeles, California (HAHAJK) – One social media marketing firm has discovered after an unofficial study that posting the word “Fail” in the comments section of a story or video on a website is now the easiest and most hurtful way to let someone know you disapprove of them.


A southern California company that describes themselves as the “Watchdog of Internet Comments”, Webtracker Inc., says that the only way to really truly hurt someone is to respond to a video, an article, a blog, or a status update with the single word response.

“It doesn’t matter how funny or great the video is, “ says Webtracker CEO Paul Organright. “Even if there are 20 positive comments, the writer or up-loader will focus all of their attention on the one person who hates them. That’s how they win. It’s like terrorism.”

Why is “FAIL” the popular way to go these days? Organright says that “FAIL” only takes four key strokes, whereas typing out a long winded and often misspelled insult like, “Damnn bizznitch. Yer so Stuupid! Dumb Muther f*cker!” often sets the cyber attacker up for ridicule by other users who comment and takes to long to get the original thought across which is basically, “I disapprove of what you are doing”.

“Insulting someone’s family, sexual preference, and intelligence are the old ways to attack someone in the comments section of their post. All it takes is one word and you have made your point very clear,” Organright says. “It’s simple, hurtful, and terse. That’s all you need.”

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