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June 25, 2009


As you’re waiting to get into a show at a club or an arena, you glance up and see him a few people ahead of you in line.  Note that if the concert is a metal act such as Metallica or Megadeth; a not-so-metal acts like Kiss or Def Leppard; a 70s band on their 9th reunion world tour like Rush or Fleetwood Mac; a band whose fans travel the country following their tour like Phish, Dave Matthews Band, or Widespread Panic; or any kind of southern rock or country act; “That Guy” will most likely be with a group of similarly dressed “Those Guys.”

They wear the band’s shirt as if to say:  (i) I am a true fan who have been following _____ (insert name of band) since _____ (date listed on concert shirt); (ii) I am the OG Superfan of _____ (insert name of band) because as you can see, my t-shirt is worn in and not purchased at the concession stand although that is where I got it last time I saw _____ (insert name of band) in concert; (iii) I am wearing a t-shirt of _____ (insert name of band) so you should approach me so that I may tell you about their show on _____ (insert date) at _____ (location) which was their best live show for the following 25 reasons; or (iv) You like _____ (insert name of band), I like _____ (insert name of band).  That’s crazy; we should stand next to each other during the concert and then stop by Denny’s for a Grandslam later.

They try to rationalize by saying they are following the “rules” that they found on the internet of when it’s okay to wear the band’s t-shirt to the concert if, for instance, you wear an older concert t-shirt to the new tour if at least eight years have passed since that tour.  Or they may just say they are a real fan just supporting the band.  Regardless, before leaving the house that night they checked the mirror to see how they looked and should have listened to that little voice in the back of their head saying “Don’t be ‘That Guy.’”