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October 02, 2010

I'm sure when you read the title to this blog, you thought it was probably going to be a little political. If that is what you were hoping for, then I would like to apologize now...

You see, I, as Captain Awesome, have attempted to "bring things back" into style. I brought back the Fresh Prince high five and am currently working on bringing the everyday suit back into fashion. Something else I am hoping to bring back (for those who didn't read my blog on the environment...) is wild and untamed pubic hair. I want America and the world to go back to the golden ages of old. We need to go back to a time when America was swinging.

Yes you are reading that correctly. I am so tired of the shaved and waxed look. It's so 2002. This is 2010, and I am ready for a change. And girls, you don't have to move right in and do the wild 1970's porn bush, you can keep it well groomed still. Trim it up, make it your own little garden. You could turn it into a landing strip, or make it into a cute little heart. You could have a standard triangle shape, or you could even make it into a diamond, because hey, who doesn't like diamonds!

I don't aim to offend people with my goal to bring it back, I understand there are creepy guys out there who like the scorched earth look (probably because they are into tweens). So girls if your man is into that type of thing, I guess give it a shot until he asks you to call him daddy or something.

I personally like a little style out of it. Maybe you shave it into a 'CA' just for me. Make me feel special, like you want the world to know that Captain Awesome these pubes are for you. I also like the heart. Kurt Cobain sang about a heart-shaped box; this is what he was talking about, trust me. I would be willing to help show all you ladies some design possibilities as well for any who are interested.

Well that's really all I have left to say on the subject. I hope you aren't offended by this blog or the picture related to it. But if you are offended, well I don't really care. So until I post again remember, suits and bush...they are the future of fashion, mark my words.