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October 16, 2014

Thinner iPads, World Series Royals, and More


Apple announces a new product…fucking again:
Today Apple announced details about the new iPad Air 2. You can read about the new product here, or you can go outside and take a deep breath of crisp, fall air.


CBS, the Cord-cutter Broadcasting System:
Following the HBO Go standalone service announcement, CBS announced consumers will be able to watch all of their shows for $6 a month online (story). And if you never, ever want to see The Big Bang Theory again, you can pay CBS $35 a month to block it from your home television.


A Florida gubernatorial debate got weird when Governor Rick Scott refused to take the stage to debate his democratic opponent Charlie Crist because Crist had a miniature fan under his podium (story). It turns out that Scott was referencing a little-known debate bylaw stating that all candidates’ genitals must be equally sweaty during the event.


Royals, Rudd win the Pennant:
For the first time since 1985, the Kansas City Royals have won the pennant and are heading to the World Series; to celebrate, actor and Royals fan Paul Rudd invited the team back to his mom’s house to party (story). Before they accept, the Royals should know that the cable is out in the rec room.


The O'Stewart Factor:
Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly had an epic debate over whether white privilege exists (video). Thank goodness two white guys with television shows are finally issuing a ruling on that.