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October 06, 2008


It's a country song I wrote...

I long to roll down the road like a deer corpse bladder

is it possible, sweet darlin' to get any madder.

Oh my heart's in the kennel

and my mind is a stray

and your logic keeps pushing me further away

The jist of your feelings

is the flesh of the peach

up there in them branches and outta my reach

Oh yer pitt is so true but yer skin is so tough

should you ever drop, I'll be waiting in the duff

(enough?...no there's actually a chorus)...

Oh, I might not have no arms to hold you

and parts o' me might be soft and bruised

and I aint as organic as they told you

but I'm the sweetest fruit you'll ever lose.

And that's how I spent my morning writing session.  Shoot me now.