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April 19, 2010


I have noticed that, the type of day I'm going to have depends on my first cup of coffee. If its a shitty cup then its going to be a shitty day. If its a good cup,then a good day,  ect, ect. Now I have very few vices left ,don't gamble anymore(lack of money), don't really drink anymore,except for once in a while jamming ice into a tumbler for a nice refreshing Jack Daniels single barrel ( health proplems).NO pot anymore see the last two reasons. So that leaves cursing which I can do with the best of them, ( its such a fucking release) and coffee. I've tried on many occasions to give up my dark master but have failed every time. Now don't get me wrong I don't drink as much as I use to,I limit myself to drinking it in the mornring only.So instead of dring 20 cups all day, I have 20 in the morning.( just kidding). As I was Writing that it reminds me of a story that a customer, once told me. He was an old italian fella, said he loved to drink wine all day,but he went to the doctor one day and the doctor told him to cut back to one glass a day, so he went out and found a wine glass that holds a full bottle of wine. So if you know where I can get a coffee mug that holds 20 cups of coffee please let me know.

      Now I don't just drink coffee for the caffine, I LOVE the whole process, I love the smell as it waiff's  through the house. I LOVE the sound it makes as it is poured in the glass. I love watching the steam wiggle its way out of the mug.I LOVE taking that first sip thats just a little bit to hot. I LOVE when the taste is still on the back of my tongue a half hour after I finished the cup.  And if some one told me Heaven was sitting in an adirondack chair on a brisk fall moring drinking coffee, I would be the pope of that religion.
 A couple of days ago I saw on the news this new thing coming out called a coffee inhaler. You stick this thing in your mouth that makes you look like you have asthma,and quickly suck it in, its supposed to be the equivalent to two espresso's. I mean you got to be kidding me, no true coffee drinker would ever use one of those, thats purely for a caffine junkie, why don't they just stick some caffine in a hyperdermic needle so you can inject yourself with it. Sometimes advancement isn't a good thing.  Well thats my unhealthy relationship with coffee, hope you all have a good day, thats if your first cup was a good cup.