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February 16, 2010


Dear She's Good People, I hear you're very good at advice, and I'd like to ask you a couple of specific questions that would really help me out in my current-

Dear ass, I don't have all day to read this. You should learn how to get to the point. I'm guessing that'll help you with whatever problem you think you have. 

Dear She's Good People, my uncle keeps telling me about his bass, how do I make him understand that I don't know what he's talking about half the time? -Ryan S., Lockport IL

Dear Ryan, I see this time and time again. My advice to you is to stop being such a selfish center-of-the-universe type guy and actually listen to you uncle. If you can beat him to the facts about his own bass, his feelings will be hurt and you'll probably never have to listen to him again. 

Dear She's Good People, whenever I am at work, the interns ask me questions about easy things they should be able to figure out themselves, any advice? Alex, District of Columbia

Dear Alex, I'm not sure who still uses the phrase "District of Columbia", so instead of thinking of a solution to your problem, I'm going to look that up. Good luck to you… 

Dear She's Good People, my aunt and my mom have been fighting recently about my aunt's new boyfriend. She is getting up in years and her new boy-toy is kind of a goof-ball. My mom's main concern is that my aunt is falling into the same kind of situation with a man who won't commit, and won't have time to hatch buns before her oven shuts down. My aunt claims she's found "the one", and can't wait for him to put a ring on it. They've been arguing for five years. Who should I support here? Kelly, Pittsburgh

Dear Kelly, with such a nondescript name, I am only hoping you are a female. That's pretty much the only reason anybody would care what's happening in a forty-something's single-life. Do yourself a favor man/woman and move out of your parent's place. I hear blockbuster is hiring...