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Published November 28, 2008 More Info ┬╗
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Written by Chad Carter
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Published November 28, 2008
There has been a lot of confusion in abortion debates as to when a human life begins. Conception, the quickening, the third trimester - there are a lot of candidates. But I think we're missing the correct one. Life begins before conception, it begins any time there is a CHANCE that a human life could be created If you're at a roller rink and check out a girl, that's a human life with rights that need to be protected. Pulling is out is murder. That's millions of lives that end up on a stomach, back, face, floor, or houseplant. Gym socks and tissues should be licensed, and treated as weapons. Breaking eye contact at a bar should be termed "killing the next Einstein". "Whiskey Dick" would be manslaughter. Condoms will be renamed "body bags".