In a special post–Super Bowl episode of The Tonight Show, Funny Or Die head honcho Will Ferrell and likely future-president Kevin Hart took on host Jimmy Fallon in an epic lip sync battle for the ages.

The next two paragraphs contain some hot spoilers, so if you’d rather just skip to the video, do that now.

In round one, Ferrell gives Beyoncé a run for her boatloads of money with his legitimately kinda dope performance of “Drunk in Love.” Fallon follows it up with a “charming” version of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.” And, last but not least, Kevin’s Hart-felt rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me” nearly sends his Get Hard costar to tears.

Round two kicks off with Will once again bringing his A-game, this time to whatshername’s song from that one movie and gets quite “Frozen” in the process. Next, Jimmy calls in his friend Drew Barrymore to help with that song from Dirty Dancing complete with movie-quality dance moves and the destruction of a $3,000 suit. Then for the evening’s final number, Hart takes on Katy Perry’s halftime-anthem “Roar” and turns in a performance so hype I completely forget that I just spent 13 minutes watching three grown men lip sync.