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Playgirls (This all new rated t.v MA comedy that is all about 3 unemployed women in there late 20's living in down town Dallas TX together you dig. An well these ladies are using men for their livings an such you see. An are ladies as listed, Mia Michinoku ( Nikki Soohoo ) "Mia is the Asian one and she is very edge-E", next up is Deedee Carter (Sharon Pierre-Louis ) "Deedee is the black one and she is the bossypants of the pack". and last up is LeAnn Twitty ( AnnaLynne McCord ) "She is the white one and the southern belle of this ladies pack." An together these 3 unemployed hotties make it in this world by using people with their good looks and quick witted tongues an what have you. An this here little ladies are so good dang good at working it ! ( if you know what am sayin ) that they can get whatever they want when they want it from whoever they wants in this life time, because these 3 ladies are just that smooth mates. So look out world because the playgirls are coming out to play and they play hard ball. An just so you know these 3 young ladies now a days in there late 20's ( all 3 the same age ) met back in the day when it was freshmen year in college for are playgirls a. An shortly after that the 3 of them drop out of college and moved in with each other and have been playing there playgirls games all over T.X ever since honey ( snapping my fingers sound ). An now after all these years of doing their thang ! Are playgirls are now just moving into a sweet down town Dallas TX apartment after years of milking people for sh*t like they do boo and you know it ladies. An so that sh*t i just pulled out my ass is the f in origins of this new balls out off the wall all out darkish comedy i call Playgirls that is rated t.v MA. So make it happen t.v networks for reals dogs because this is the goods. An the theme song for this show will be that song by Ragsy vs. Vadim Soloviev called Playgirl. Side-note that's my jam ! };-{O So tight it can't be right baby ! But am telling you now this is hit city madness big cats so lets get into gear players. )


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