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August 11, 2008


On my live journal blog under misanthrope65 I've made up a conspiracy theory that alledges that Miley Cyrus and Disney are possibly the Anti-christ.But,I could make the same case claiming that I'm the anti-christ.Though,I'm not living high off the hog and I get busy cause time running out thanks to the mayan calender and judas priest doing a double cd set of a concept album, called nostradamus.Which that isn't a sign of the apocalypse I don't know what this.My therapist it's good therapy for me to write blogs.

  1. If you say the word "apocalypse" with a southern drawl it comes out sounding like 'a pack of lips.'
  2. Mystery is the name of the great Whore of Babylon and Miley is the name of the new teen ho.
  3. Disney also spawned the career of under age ho like Britney Spears,Christina Aguilera,JustinTimberlake and Lindsay Lohan.
  4. Britney spears according to one blog when she locked for mental observation she alledgely claimed to be the Antichrist.I have trouble believing that the Antichrist came from the Northshore in Kentwood,Louisiana
  5. My name is Sakblabbath and Sakla was the name of an evil demiurge
  6. Miley's last name is Cyrus and there was a perisan King named Cyrus the great that overtook Babylonia.
  7. An old fart who was a religous fanatic accused me of being the antichrist I placing demons in the editing machine so i could stop the words of the lord reaching the public
  1. My pubic hairs are in the shape of 666

Maybe the last part might of not been true but who's willing to check for themselves.Only females need apply for this dirty job.More to come.